This design approach consists of three types of  hardware sets, when engineered properly with sufficient forecast of the various products to be qualified, will yield the most cost effective solution.

  • Universal Mother Burn-in Board (UMBIB)
  • Socket Card Adapter (SCA)
  • Program Card

The UMBIB will have a particular oven edge connector format that will access all the power supplies and clock lines the chamber can provide.  The BIB will interface with a Socket Card Adapter (SCA) on the top side of the board while the specific device circuit will be on a Program Card (PC) mounted on the bottom side.  This approach will allow the SCA to be used for many products that share the same package type saving the cost of the expensive burn-in sockets.  At the same time the Program Card (PC) will have the burn-in circuit that can be shared by similar devices that may have different package types.