List of Board Types PDSI can supply

Test TypeTest ConditionOvens SupportedJEDEC & MIL standardImage
HTOLHigh Temperature Operating Life 1000 Hours @ 125C (Dynamic/Static)Adec / Rel-Inc / Incal / Aher Test / MCC /Wakefiled / Jarvis / Marin‎JESD22-108, JESDS85 MIL-STD-883C
HAST/BHASTHighly Accelerated Temperature/Humidity Stress Test (96 Hours @ 130C/85%RH)Hirayama / Express TestJESD22-A110D
THBTTemperature Humidity Bias Test (1000 Hours @ 85C/85% RH)Marin 6/10 & othersJESD22-A101C
ELFREarly Life Failure RateAdec 92 & othersJESD22-A108, JESD74
LTOL Low Temperature
Operating Life
Adec 92 & othersJESD22-A108
PTC / PRCL Power and Temperature CyclingAdec / Aher12000 & othersJESD22-A105C
RadiationEnvironmental Test Methods for Semiconductor Devices
TM 1017: Neutron irradiation
TM 1019: Steady-state total dose irradiation procedure
TM 1080: SEB and SEGR
Custom FixturesMIL-STD-883 TM1019.8
Drop TestDrop Test QFN, CSP, uBGAJESD22-B111 test methodology
PCAPackage Conversion Adapters
Signal Driver BoardsUniversal / Dedicated Driver CardsVarious Oven Types
SCASocket Card AdapterUsed in Universal Design Approach
Program CardsUniversal & Dedicated Program CardsUsed in Universal Design Approach
UBIBUniversal Burn-in BoardsVarious Oven Types
Test Load BoardsDedicated Test Load BoardsVarious Test Systems
Handler Interface BoardsDedicated Interface BoardsVarious Handlers